It has been a minute or two since the last blog.  I don't even think anyone has ever even read the other ones.  At this point, I can't even remember what I wrote in those.....

Anyways, lots of new things developing here at TPG.  A few new machines have been added to arsenal as well as a few new hands.  Yes, there will be some new vibes coming out of here soon and I can't wait. 

It's been three weeks now and I feel good about announcing the hiring of Josh Sweeny here at The Proper Gentleman.  I brought Josh on a few weeks back and have been training him up on this wallet wizardry I do here and he seems to be picking it up quiet nicely.  He's an eager to learn and energetic guy who will be a solid addition here.  

With that being said, I can also say this is the first time since I started this gig that I feel comfortable opening my books for any all custom orders.  I am hoping to start rolling out more leather inventory as well as some brand new items.  

I am very excited about what the rest of this year and next year is going to look like!  Stick around because we may actually get some stuff done!

Stay Proper ya'll!