What's a blog post exactly?

My question is.......what in the hell is a blog post?  I'm writing this before I take the time Google it for an actual definition so I'm going to assume this is sort of like a diary that the public can read?  Like extended thoughts a person may have but doesn't want to post on social media?  This is a place were folks who keep up with the blogger comes to get the info straight from the bloggers mouth?  The unfiltered source of bullshit that may make it's way onto the internet comes from, what I would assume, is the blog.  It almost like planting a garden in your backyard then taking everything you've grown to market and selling it all for cash and never even telling the government about it.  Beautiful.  Let's begin.

I'm not even sure anyone is going to read these blogs.  But I think it will be fun to start here with some thoughts of mine just in case there's anyone out there entertained enough to read.

Till next time, which may never be,

Good day,


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